Your Rights During Labour

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As a mum-to-be, you have every right to control the care that you receive during pregnancy and through the delivery of your baby. So, you need to start thinking about how you want things to progress in the delivery room and what your rights are during labour, way before your water breaks.

Your doctor’s birthing experience

During your initial prenatal appointments, find out a little more about your healthcare provider, in terms of her qualifications and experience in birthing. Ask for numbers in terms of the deliveries she has done through C-sections vs natural births. If you are see that the numbers are more inclined towards C-sections and you are looking for a natural birth, then this healthcare provider may not be the right fit for your pregnancy journey.

When will labour be induced?

There are have been instances reported where labour has been induced even before the pregnancy has reached the 37th or 38th week, which is totally unnecessary and comes with its own set of risks. Find out what your healthcare provider intends to do, once you’ve reached full-term. What mediums of inducing labour will she prescribe and let her know if you are comfortable using them.

Medical interventions that might be performed

Some medical interventions are routine during childbirth. For example, vaginal examinations or a membrane sweep in order to find out if your cervix has dilated enough to give birth. However, there are medical interventions like inducing labour through IV fluids is annoying and unnecessary. Using Pitocin to induce labour is a potentially harmful medical intervention. Make sure you discuss your preferences in terms of medical interventions including episiotomy well in advance with your doctor.

Pain management options during labour

The common options for pain management during labour are epidurals and spinal anaesthesia. Administering epidural has a cut-off point during labour. If you are past that, your healthcare provider will probably not recommend using it to relieve your pain. Ask your doctor, what is her cut-off point for epidural so that you can ask for it before you reach there.

Always remember, it is your body, your birthing experience, and your baby. By selecting a healthcare provider as a partner whose approach and knowledge matches perfectly with your preferences will go a long way in ensuring that your rights during labour and childbirth are listened to and valued. This will make certain that your experience of childbirth for you and your baby, is a happy one.

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