When is the Right Time to Start Playschool for Your Toddler

From Parenthood | Jan 03 | 2 minutes read

The most important decision for a parent is to decide when the child should start attending playschool. Most playschools accept children who are 2 years old, but age is not the only criteria to decide if a child is ready to start preschool. To determine if your child is ready for preschool, you should observe if the baby is socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively ready to follow a daily structured program with a group of other kids. Each child is different physically, socially and emotionally, therefore all factors should be considered carefully.


Independence level: Most playschools expect kids to have some basic self-reliant skills. Observe if your little one can do simple things like eating, drinking, using the toilet and napping on their own with minimal assistance.

Adjusting without parent: If your child always needs you to be around, it might be a better idea to find a program first to gently ease your toddler into spending time away from you. However, children who are more independent often enjoy and thrive in playschools.

Group activities: Playschools have a lot of activities where kids are expected to interact with other children and participate in groups. If your child is not comfortable playing with other children, then it might be a better idea to take him/her for group classes first to get them adjusted to being around other toddlers.

Self-reliant: Besides group activities, preschool also has several individual tasks such as arts and crafts, which requires good focus and concentration. If your kid enjoys working on his/her own on puzzles or drawing at home, then he/she will find it easier to adjust at preschool.

Following timetable: Children feel most comfortable and in control when the same things happen at the same time each day. Therefore, preschools usually follow a set schedule of circle time, play time, snack, playground and then lunch.

Before enrolling your little one in a play school think about the reason behind your decision to start school. Do you just want some time for yourself or are worried that if your baby does not attend playschool then he/she will not be able to adjust in kindergarten? Either ways do not rush your child into something that he/she is not ready for.

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