What Kind of Toys You Should Give Your Toddler

From | Dec 12 | 2 minutes read

You’ve given a new toy to your toddler and no doubt she is a happy bunny. That’s the case with most toddlers as they are not really fussed about what toy you get them. But as parents, you should definitely be careful with the toys that you buy for your little one.

Toddlers learn a lot during playtime, and the toys that you present to them -have a significant role in the development of their skills. As parents, you need to be certain that the toys are also appropriate for your toddler, stimulates their cognitive skills and are safe to play with.

Here are some pointers to help you get started in choosing the right toys that aid in their growth.

Toys for the Mind

Every -toddler benefits from the toy that encourages her to think. Puzzles are a great place to start. You’ll find a variety of puzzles to choose from. It’s good to have a mix of puzzles based on colors, shapes, numbers, and alphabets. As your -toddler gets older, you can increase the intensity of the puzzles that you offer her.

Toys to Inspire Creativity

Toys like play dough, building blocks, and even art supplies makes – your little one – use her imagination and express her creativity. Remember, there’s no wrong way to express creativity!

Play Pretend Toys

Dolls, action figures, kitchen sets, doctor sets, and musical toys – all these play an important role in helping your little one envision numerous possibilities for herself.

Toys for Physical Activity

Not all toddlers will love sporty games, but it’s important to introduce your little to at least one such sport that is physical in nature. – In addition, sports play an important role in the physical and mental development of toddlers. Try introducing toys such as bats, balls, hula hoops, tricycles, and other toys that promote physical activity.

Do not inundate your toddler with lots of toys as she will lose interest in them and find it difficult to focus. Give her few toys at a time and rotate and re-introduce older toys at intervals. Let her explore a toy fully before you buy her something new. Even older toys will have various levels of developmental affects at various stages of your child’s growing years.

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