What Can I Do to Make Breastfeeding More Comfortable?

From | Mar 21 | 2 minutes read

It takes practice to master breastfeeding, even though it is one of the most natural acts in the world, for mums. Understanding how your baby likes to be held and supported in a comfortable posture by you needs co-ordination and time. It requires patience to find comfortable nursing positions for your baby, and it is worth the effort.

Needless to say, both you and your baby will spend considerable time on breastfeeding every day that can take a toll on your body, not just your breasts. So, here are some tips that can help make breastfeeding comfortable, so you can enjoy the experience too.

Change positions

Try different positions holding your baby when you breastfeed, yet preventing your arms, shoulders, and back from getting sore. Alternate between traditional positions like cradling, crossing your arms or even nurse by lying on your side. As long as your baby’s head and neck are adequately supported, you can keep changing positions and see which one is comfortable for both you and the little one.

You need support too

In order to reduce strain, support your back, arms, and breasts, while breastfeeding. If you are nursing by sitting on a chair, then choose one that has a firm back that can help you relax. If there’s an armrest, then it is perfect for resting your arm that is holding your baby. Use your other hand to manoeuvre the breast for your baby to nurse.

Use a nipple soother

Breastfeeding may lead to cracked and sore nipples. There are several natural nipple soothers available that can help in relieving the tenderness. Always check that the cream or ointment is safe for babies too. If you want natural remedies, you can try rubbing pure, organic coconut oil on your nipples.

Change your breast routine

Since you will be spending a lot of time breastfeeding, remember to alternate between your breasts to minimalize the pain. This ascertains that your baby gets a steady flow of milk and you are comfortable too as your breasts get a break.

Let your baby’s mouth be your guide

Ensure that your baby latches on to your nipple so that there is enough breast tissue in her mouth. This will prevent her from biting down or pulling. Once she is done feeding, insert your finger into her mouth that releases the suction before you remove your breast.

Modern medicine says that babies need to be breastfed on demand. Your breastmilk provides your child with vital nutrients regardless of the pain or discomfort that you may feel. While this is a mother’s selfless love, there is no harm in making this breastfeeding journey slightly comfortable for yourself.

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