Teaching Your Toddler about Cleanliness

From | Mar 22 | < 1 minute read

Cleanliness is not only about your little one appearing neat and tidy. It’s an important habit that will help her stay free from infections and diseases. Here are some tips to help teach your toddler about cleanliness.

 Start early

The earlier you start teaching your little one the importance of cleanliness, the more likely it is that the habits you build will last.

 Use learning aids

Make use of books, videos, charts and music to teach your little one about the necessity of cleanliness, and how germs spread illnesses.

 Show her how

Demonstrations and explanations help little ones learn more effectively. That’s why, it’s important to show your child how to brush her teeth, scrub herself, wash her hands and clean up after going to the toilet. While she may not be ready to do these things all by herself, it helps to tell her exactly what you’re doing while you do these things for her.

 Set an Example

It is natural for little ones to imitate their parents. That’s why one of the most helpful things you can do is to set a good example for your toddler. Show her you take pride in keeping yourself neat and clean. Let her see that you always wash your hands before eating, brush your teeth twice a day, take a bath every morning, brush your hair regularly and keep your nails trimmed. And in time, she will pick up these habits for herself.

Happy cleaning!

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