Separation Anxiety in Parents

From Parenthood | Jan 03 | 2 minutes read

Sometimes it not just the kids, but parents too who get nervous when their child begins school or leaves for summer camps. They worry about the child adjusting to the new environment, or just plain miss spending time with them. Even leaving their child with a responsible babysitter or even grandparent to go out for lunch or shopping or dropping them at day-care or preschool when they go off to work can become emotionally unbearable. All these qualify as Separation anxiety in a parent.
Experts say that it is all governed by an insecure feeling that if they didn’t parent well enough now, then their child would want to have nothing to do with them as an adult. These feelings are completely natural.

Here are a few tips help you deal with:

  • 1. Do not feel guilty. The first thing to understand is that it is okay to feel anxious and be worried about your baby. Don’t feel guilty about your worries. Rely on your parental instincts to help you make better decisions
  • 2. It is natural to feel apprehensive. What you need to understand is that kids are surprisingly adaptive. They just know that how things are different when someone else is in charge, be it dad, grandparents, or even the babysitter
  • 3. Trust the decisions that you make. If you are sensible about the people and places that you expose your child to, your baby will learn to trust your choices too
  • 4. It is healthy for babies to have more than one caretaker other than their parents. Allowing kids to trust and be cared for by others will only boost their own sense of the community they live in

Our close bonds with our children can sometimes make it hard to meet our own needs for freedom or adventure. But remember just like our babies, our independence, our relationships, career, and hobbies are all important parts of our healthy being. You could seek support from other parents who are in similar circumstances. You will then know that your parental responsibilities are NOT roadblocks to your own physical or emotional growth. You don’t have to force yourself to this, but slowly try and engage in all other kinds of happy activities. Remember happy parents nurture happy children!

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