Pregnancy Diet For Vegetarian Moms-To-Be

From | Mar 27 | < 1 minute read

No matter what your diet preferences, it’s necessary to get the nutrition you need to keep your baby and yourself healthy. Here’s what you should include in your diet.


Dairy, nuts, and pulses are the common vegetarian foods that are rich in protein. Incorporate beans and pulses into your meals. You could even create an assorted nut mixture as a healthy food to snack on when you get hungry. You can also spread different kinds of nut butter on some bread or fruit (Peanut Butter on apples is delicious!) for when you get hungry between meals.


Minerals such as iron and calcium are an integral part of a healthy diet. Leafy greens are rich in both of these, and whole grains are rich in iron, while dairy contains high amounts of calcium. You could opt for a whole grain cereal to eat with some warm milk for breakfast to make sure you get your daily dose of minerals.


If you don’t consume healthy amounts of dairy every day, you might not get enough Vitamin B12. However, most doctors prescribe prenatal vitamins that contain 100% of the vitamins and iron your body needs.

While your diet won’t change too drastically during your pregnancy, try eating as healthy as possible. Stocking up on fruits, nuts, and similar healthy snack options will keep you energized and nourished through the day.

Here’s to happier and healthier meal times!

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