How To Take Care Of Your Body After Delivery

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Your body has gone through several changes during pregnancy followed by giving birth to your little one. During your pregnancy, your body adapted to the on-going changes to keep your baby healthy and safe in your womb. Now that your baby has arrived, your body will again undergo a series of transformations. Many of these transformations are reflected physically, for example, your breasts have started lactating. Some changes can be emotional too, such has anxiety and stress of becoming a mum.

It is definitely a challenge in adapting to motherhood and adjusting with your daily life after your baby’s birth. You know that your baby is wholly dependent on you. So, your first priority is to take the best possible care of her. But that does not mean you neglect yourself totally. If you are healthy, your baby will be too.

Here are a few simple ways to take care of your body post giving birth:

Perineal care

If you have given birth naturally, then there are chances that you’ve either had an episiotomy or a vaginal tear. In both cases, your healthcare provider will have stitched to close the tear. For many women, the stitches can be uncomfortable while it heals. During this time, you should take proper care of your perineum. Use an ice pack to relieve the swelling and bruises in the vaginal area. Alternatively, you can take a warm bath, as that works too.


You will soon realize that babies have a clock system of their own. Generally, newborns have an outer limit of 3 hours per nap or sleep time for the first few months. She will have to fed and changed frequently too. It can be extremely tiring as your body is already exhausted from giving birth. Speak to your partner and family members and delegate some of those baby duties to them. Limit yourself to feeding your baby. Then you will find some time to rest which will quicken your body’s healing process.


You maintained a balanced diet during your pregnancy. There’s no need to change that after giving birth. Your body still needs vital nutrients and vitamins that is essential to recover from childbirth. It is also important if you are regularly nursing your baby. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and protein along with fluids should be the key components of your diet which will be passed on to your baby through your breast milk.


Studies have shown that massages have health benefits for new mothers, especially for your body’s postpartum recovery. Regular massages will help the new mum to adjust with her body’s shape, post pregnancy.

You may still experience discomforts, which is normal. However, it is important to focus on your body and rebuild your strength.

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