How to Keep Your Baby Safe During Bath time

From Birth & Beyond | Jan 03 | < 1 minute read

Giving a bath to your little bundle of joy is a great way to bond with them while it is also a time to be extra cautious.

Few important tips to be remembered while giving bath to your baby:

  • Your newborn should be given a sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off. After that you can shift to the traditional bathing method
  • If you are planning to use a baby bath tub, select one that has a contoured design or an internal sling that stops the infant from sliding over
  • In case you are using a baby-tub, make sure you never leave your baby unattended
  • Keep checking the temperature, and take your child out once the water starts getting colder
  • Do not place your baby in a tub while the water is still running. The sudden change in water temperature may affect your baby
  • Be prepared before starting the bath. Place soap, washcloth, towel within your reach so you can always keep one hand on your baby
  • Avoid bubble baths for infants as it can irritate the urethra and increase the risk of urinary tract infections
  • Use a gentle, non-fragrant, baby-friendly soaps and shampoos that are considered safe for babies
  • Do not leave them in the water for too long as it can dry out their skin


The key to making bath time safe and fun for you and your baby is being present, prepared and attentive all the time.

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