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Toddlers are known for their sugar cravings. This is natural, as sugar plays an important role in both physical and mental growth, and supplies them with the much-needed energy. However, excessive candy consumption can lead to tooth decay, increased mucus production, decreased immunity, and lifestyle diseases.

Here are some healthy snack options – when your toddler is craving something sweet:

Fresh Fruit

Apart from being a good source of energy, fruits such as bananas, chikoos, apples, and oranges also provide fiber, which improves digestion and helps keep your little one feeling full.

Sweetened Dahi

Dahi is a great option as a healthy evening snack or even as a post-lunch sweet treat. Serving it with fruits or honey is a healthier option than buying pre-sweetened dahi or adding sugar.


This classic Indian milk sweet is a -super nutritious treat for your little one. You -may even add some nuts into your burfi mixture for some added protein.

Til Ladoos

This nutritious sweet is not just for Makar Sankranti! Til ladoos is a great source of quick energy and makes a good snack -post playtime.

Fresh Juice

Packaged juices are loaded with sugar, so it’s best to stay away from them. Freshly squeezed juices are a much healthier option. You could also try homemade popsicles as a substitute for ice-cream in the hotter months.

You know that your toddler loves her dessert. You want to give her healthy food, something that will nourish her and yet she will enjoy having it too. Overdose – of anything good thing can be bad -, so it’s advisable to serve these snacks in moderation.  Building good eating habits from a young age is the key to making them last a lifetime.

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