Healthy Lunch Ideas for Preschoolers

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Naturally, every mother wants her child to be healthy and well-fed. It can sometimes be difficult to get your little one to eat healthy. The trick is to add variety and color to every meal to give your preschooler something to look forward to.

Here are a few healthy lunch ideas your little one might enjoy.

 Parathas with pink dahi and grapes

Aloo parathas cut into little squares served with a side of non-sweetened dahi is a great healthy snack for your little one. You could even add some beetroot to color the yogurt and make it more fun for her to eat. Add a handful of grapes to add some sweetness.

 Veggie sticks with chickpea dip and chocolate

Cut carrots, cucumbers, and colored capsicum into finger-sized strips and serve this with a side of chickpea dip. For the chickpea dip, blend boiled chickpea with garlic, jeera powder, and or any seasoning of your choice and top it up with some lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil. You could also add a small bit of chocolate for a post-lunch treat.

 Vegetable cutlets with toast and mango

When making vegetable cutlets, you could try forming them into different shapes. Add a couple of slices of bread slathered with butter or peanut butter. You could also use kitchen scissors or cookie cutter to cut the toast into fun shapes. Serve this with a side of mango cubes or any seasonal fruit you’d like.

 Stuffed mini puris and dry fruit

Stuff mini puris with bhaji for a fun take on puri bhaji. You could stuff the puris with different bhajis, egg, mango, shrikhand, etc. to add variety. Add a small handful of dried fruit and nuts to complete the meal.

Here’s to happier and healthier lunchtimes!



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