Games and Activities for Your Baby Shower

From | Feb 21 | 2 minutes read

Baby showers are a great way of sharing your joy with your loved ones and celebrating the new addition to your family.

Here are some fun baby shower games and activities you could try out.

In the background

These are probably the simplest of the lot and require little to no effort while being fun at the same time. Background games will keep your guests on their toes throughout the duration of the party.

  1. Mum’s the word

For this one, you’ll need a bunch of diaper pins. On arrival, give each guest three diaper pins to pin to their clothing. For the day, the word ‘baby’ is forbidden. If you catch someone saying ‘baby’, you get one of their diaper pins. The person with the most diaper pins at the end of the night wins.

  1. Hey, Nappy

Get some blank name tags and on each one, write down a baby-related word, such as powder puff or nappy. Throw them all into a jar and have your guests pick one when they come in. Whichever they pick becomes their new name for the night. If you accidentally address someone by their real name, you get a penalty.

Get crafty

If you’re the kind who cherishes handmade gifts, you could organize a few crafting activities. Remember to set aside a comfortable and convenient spot for these activities.

  1. Dress baby right

Buy some plain, solid-coloured onesies or T-shirts and stock up on baby-safe fabric paints, markers, and knick-knacks for your guests to use to decorate them. Mount the clothes on a piece of cardboard to prevent the paint and ink from seeping through to the other side.

  1. ABC

Pick up a pack of coloured markers and some blank wooden blocks from your local hobby store or order them online. Give each guest a few blocks to decorate with letters of the alphabet. Later, these will make a great learning tool for your little one.

Loaded with love

Your loved ones probably have a lot to offer in terms of advice, encouragement, and kind words. Give them an outlet!

  1. Diaper wisdom

Buy an extra-large pack of diapers, hand one out to each guest, and have them write a note on the back with a baby-safe marker. These will keep you and your partner entertained during those late night changing sessions, and perhaps even be a source of emotional support.


  1. Notes to baby

Hand out sheets of card paper and felt pens and ask the guests to write down their wishes for your baby. You can save these and present them to your child on a special occasion like graduation.

Here’s to a fun-filled night packed with love and laughter. Happy shower!

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