Diaper Rashes During Winter

From Birth & Beyond | Jan 03 | < 1 minute read

Winter calls up for holidays and all little tiny ones are bundled up. And during the process of wrapping up the little ones, you might forget to check on their diapers. Improper diaper use can create lots of discomforts in babies, rashes being one of the most common one.

Here are few best practices that the new parents can follow when it comes to diapers.

  • Change diapers often. Avoid keeping your baby in wet diapers for a long time.
  • Rinse the area with warm water every time you change a diaper
  • Let your baby be diaper-free as often as possible.
  • Make sure the diaper is not too tight for your baby
  • If your baby is prone to rashes, consider applying a plant-based ointment to prevent the irritation


Though rashes are common occurrences in babies, it should not be taken lightly. If the rashes persist longer than it is said to last, a quick consultation with a doctor or pediatrician can save a lot of trouble for your baby.

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