Dealing With A Miscarriage

From | Mar 29 | < 1 minute read

There are many reasons for pregnancy loss and each result in immeasurable grief. This grief is completely normal, and it is natural to find it challenging to deal with your emotions.

Here are some ways to help you cope.

Let go of guilt and denial

 While it is natural to feel guilty in such a situation, focus on understanding that there is no blame to be placed on you, or anyone else. These events lie outside of your control and letting go of guilt is the first step towards overcoming your grief. Try coming to terms with what has happened. Acknowledging your loss is a part of healing, and denial will only cause more pain.

Express your feelings

At a time like this, you may feel the need for space from your partner, friends, and family. Taking some time off for yourself is an important part of your journey, but this shouldn’t lead to you becoming distant from those who care about you. Try to gradually let out your feelings and confide in your friends and family. It’s healthy to discuss what you’re feeling with those close to you.

Work with your partner

Avoid leaving your partner in the dark. Your partner’s reaction might not be what you expected, but every person has their own way of grieving. Work together and find comfort in each other as you move towards acceptance.

Take your time

There is no easy way of dealing with what you are going through right now. Remember that closure comes in its own way and in its own time.

Stay strong.

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