All You Need to Know About Baby Hair Care

From Birth & Beyond | Jan 03 | 2 minutes read

At the time of birth, your baby may have had a head full of hair or just a few strands, but there is no cause for alarm. Either way, hair grows eventually and continues growing for life. But it is necessary to follow proper care for the hair to remain healthy and strong.

Shampooing: You should shampoo your baby’s hair about thrice a week to avoid sweaty and dirty scalp. A gentle shampoo with ingredients that are safe and gentle for your baby’s skin and scalp should be used.

Massage– Oil massage for the entire body including the scalp is healthy as it helps in improving blood circulation and getting your little one to sleep better. Massage also helps to moisturize the scalp and keeps away dandruff. Preferably, use plant-based natural oils and massage it gently on the baby’s scalp.

Combing– This stimulates the pores of the scalp and helps in healthy sebum production. Comb your baby’s hair one or twice a day using a soft brush. Be gentle while combing as your baby’s scalp is sensitive.

Right Product– Use trusted baby hair care products to avoid damage to hair. Use shampoos that are specifically designed for babies, and don’t use products made for adults as an alternative

Water on Hair– While showering it is best to use a handheld shower nozzle as it directs the water exactly where you want it to go. A shower visor, a wash-cloth placed over your child’s eyes, or even making sure to lean your baby’s head back, will also work.

Untangling Hair– It is a common issue for babies with long hair. A good way to keep your baby’s hair from tangling is to regular combing.

Taking care of your baby’s hair is not difficult, just ensure that you use the right products and be gentle with your little one’s hair and scalp while you tend to it.

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